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This production also presented a series of visually arresting and electrifying tableaux. Theater lovers who had seen previous productions are familiar with what is now labeled as the “classic” mounting of the musical. But from Manila onwards, the productions will use a new pattern highlighted by “fresh scenic and narrative elements as well as new orchestrations,” earlier reports said.

To the original orchestrations by John Cameron of the music by Claude-Michel Schönberg, new compositions and orchestrations by Christopher Jahnke, Stephen Metcalfe, and Stephen Brooker have been added.

These new orchestrations add an aura of intensity and verve, most especially to the familiar but still emotional pieces such as “I Dreamed a Dream,” “On My Own,” “Bring Him Home,” “Do You Hear the People Sing?” “One Day More,” and “Empty Tables and Empty Chair.”

The number of orchestra members may have been reduced, but still they produced full-bodied music worthy of accompanying the cast.

Also remarkable is the appropriation of technological developments by the touring production, from the use of the latest audio-visual effects, to innovations in sound engineering and lighting design.

The resulting scenes have the effect of seeing a mobile collection of paintings by the Dutch painter Jan Vermeer, noted for his breathtaking use of the fine details of intense light and shadow.